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Fulfill those pipe dreams with an exciting surf stay at Lataliana

Surfer in Seminyak, Bali

For many, learning to surf has been a dream stifled by lack of time and access to good instructors, not to mention the awkward feelings that can come with learning something new. All of this in the midst of an already busy life can feel like too much to handle.

That’s why taking some time out is the best way to make those dreams a reality. One of the many great things about a holiday stay at Villa Lataliana is its proximity to the beach. You’re close enough to make a daily commitment to the waves, but far enough away to enjoy the absolute peace and quiet of villa living before and after you hit the water.

Plus, Seminyak Beach is renowned for being one of the best places to learn to surf in the world. Most of the waves are beach breaks – which are great for those new to surfing. There’s a sandy bottom and there are no rocks or reefs to scrape your knees on. Just easy waves so you can slide into the calm and serenity of the ocean.

There are plenty of surf schools to choose from but if you’d prefer some ‘one on one’ time with an experienced teacher, Lataliana has great relationships with surf instructors offering private lessons. They’ll buddy up with you, teach you how to choose the right waves and even give you a push off so you can launch into the break at just the right time! Pretty quickly you will be standing up, showing off and feeling the swell of the Indian Ocean take you to shore.

Our instructors can also assist in choosing and enrolling you or the kids in the right surf school. It’s an incredible experience for children. Think daily excitement, new skills to take home, and even the possibility of the start of a life-long love affair with the waves. Surfing is an ideal holiday activity for kids, it gets them out in the ocean, keeps them fit, doesn’t cost much to participate and after a good long day on the beach they will sleep deeply and wake up ready to hit the surf again in the morning.

There are no complications with equipment either. Plenty of places will rent surfboards and rashies for all ages, experience levels and heights. Plus, as you or the kids get more confident in the water you can easily switch board sizes without the added cost.

Access is easy with both villas just an easy walk down to the beach. So if you have brought your own boards, it’s not a big hike to carry them. The path leading to the beach pops out just behind La Plancha and you’ll find the waves at your feet.

Mum and Dad can join in and learn to ride some waves, or sit back on a beanbag in one of the many seaside cafes, beer in hand to enjoy the show. And, after a long day on the beach, you can kick back in the luxury of the villa, enjoy the pool or order yourself a well-deserved massage from the villas’ private spa, Spa Venus.

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