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Top 10 Tips for Buying Art in Bali

Top 10 Tips for buying art in Bali
Top 10 Tips for buying art in Bali

With such a wealth of innovative art and pioneering artists in Bali, Lataliana’s web team chat to local Dutch artist Irene Hoff to give us her top 10 tips for buying art in Bali:

  1. Work out your budget – you can easily be persuaded upwards so be sure you know what your willing to spend and do your research properly
  2. Research the artist you like and try and find his studio in Bali. Much better to go direct as you will more of his art and can get a feel for his style
  3. Ubud, Seminyak and Sanur are the best areas for a choice of galleries. Irene recommends Pulpa Gallery in Seminyak and Ubud for authentic pieces
  4. For inspiration go to the Antonio Blanco Museum. You can buy art by his son but just absorbing the creativity there will help you discover what you like.
  5. Bali has produced some famous artists such as Affandi, Arie Smit , Willem Dooijewaard, Donald Friend and Walter Spies but here are Irene’s recommendations of emerging and still affordable local artists, Palguna, Anas Etan, Kenyut, Loka Suara, Pandi Nekat, Erika Hestu and street artist Yosesoef Olla
  6. If you want low cost Balinese art then visit the local Seminyak galleries that often have a couple of resident artists working on site
  7. There is an art section in The Beat Magazine and The Yak Magazine often feature artists that are visiting Bali
  8. Watch out for reproductions
  9. Balinese art collector Tony Raka in Ubud has focused on local artists and has one of the biggest collections here such as Made Manku Mahendra
  10. Make sure your art is packed properly and shipped by a reputable company such as Limajari. Alternatively get it off the frame and roll into a PVC tube
Top 10 Tips for buying art in Bali
LataLiana’s owner Dee Mytton is herself an interested art collector and curator, her Seminyak properties feature well known artists such as Walter Van Oel (currently exhibiting in London but also available at Tony Rakka in Ubud) as well as art pieces sourced from local Seminyak galleries by local Balinese artists.
Top 10 Tips for buying art in Balihand by Anas Etan

LataLiana 8 bedroom estate with 2 private pools located close to Double Six beach displays an ecletic mix of art and antiquities from around Bali and Java. Guests are conveniently close to the boutiques, galleries and antique district in Seminyak. It’s easy to take the villa car and immerse yourself in Balinese culture visiting galleries and delving deep into the antique treasure troves that are found in Jalan Kunti II. Our Villa Kubu Concierge can help you plan your shopping, recommend where to visit and suggest best ways and times to go.

And once you have visited all those artists, museums and galleries, chosen your collectors item that will adorn your home, then LataLiana can organize a much-needed massage or foot reflexology with one of our professional therapists from our Spa Venus.

Top 10 Tips for buying art in Baliface by Loka

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About Irene Hoff
Irene Hoff is famous for her collage pop art that is exhibited in Bali at Taksu, W Hotel and Ku De Ta. She organized the Artauxion at the W Hotel where over 150 collectors pieces by celebrated and emerging artists, were displayed and auctioned. Irene is involved in Racing Extinction the fight to protect our endangered wildlife. One closest to her heart is the plight of the Orangutans here in Indonesia. Her piece called Fragile Package was signed by Leonardo DiCaprio and auctioned to raise money for this cause.

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