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Why I love LataLiana

maddie fams
Hi my name is Maddie, I’m eight years old. I love LataLiana Villa, because there is a really big swimming pool that my friends, family and I can play in.

The rooms are to die for; these rooms could be in heaven. I was given the biggest room with an outdoor shower that I showered in every morning and everybody else got great bedrooms too that were stunning with amaze-balls baths. Also there were millions of fun activities that we could do like play tag in the pool, go swimming, sun bathe (all the adults sun bathed) run around the garden, play on the big swan floatie and feed the Koi in the pond. There is also a brilliant table tennis table that they put out by the pool and in the really big living room there is a pool table. I played on the baby grand piano which was so special.

maddie and brother
Maddie and dady

One day the spa girls came over and gave us a kids mani pedis and my aunt had a massage by the pool. I wish I could stay at LataLiana forever. The staff are very kind, helpful and are there when ever you need them. LataLiana is like a fairy tale. The bed was huge and pretty and it made me feel like a princess. Breakfast is amazing I had a fruit juice with waffles with honey that was really really delicious. And the chef said he could make whatever I wanted. My mum had scrambled egg and sour dour which she loved and she LOVED her coffee. Then after that I went swimming with my friends and we all went on the swan floatie. So much fun!

maddie fun surfing
maddie surfing

Bali is great. The weather is sunny all the time. And there is so much to do. You can learn surfing at the beach which is 3 minutes walk via the horse stables from LataLiana and the waves are not too high so you can stand on the board and surf all the way in. You can walk 5 minutes down the beach to Ku De Ta which is a really cool bar and restaurant. Outside Ku De Ta we bought a pirate ship kite which we flew on the beach when the tide was down. All the Bali people come out at sunset and play football on the beach and people surf. It’s a magical view.

maddie on beach
I love LataLiana, it has 6 bedrooms in the main house that we stayed in and my aunt and uncle and my two cousins stayed with us. We almost lived in the pool. It was super warm every day. And I never wore shoes only flipflops and my swimming costume. LataLiana is the best place EVER and I can’t wait to go back!

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